Making friends.Opening minds.Building confidence.Inspiring possibilities

Our Mission

Parents are often concerned about their teenage children. I have heard them expressing the need for a secure, fun and interactive environment that helps their child bloom (or come out of their shells). Parents want their teenagers to interact with like-minded peers, especially if their teenage son or daughter attends a single sex school and has limited interaction with the opposite sex. We know the drill, boys on one end and girls on the other. Who starts the conversation and are they ever going to have fun together on the dance floor? Before you even ask the question, no, this is not a dating seminar or workshop, but one that is aimed at helping teenagers to make friends and in the process learn what makes them truly great. Henry Ford said “My best friend is one who brings out the best in me”.

As a result, I have identified a team of industry professionals who have developed a four-hour workshop that will focus on four main objectives:

  • Help teenagers to make friends
  • Find ways to build confidence levels
  • Aid in interaction with the opposite gender
  • Create their own identity

These workshops are aimed at teenagers ages 13-18, who attend high school, who can use help in social interaction with like minded peers in a safe, fun and supervised environment. Children who will benefit from this group are those who might struggle with coping mechanisms to help them deal with establishing and maintaining relationships, developing age-appropriate social skills, and dealing with a wide range of emotional experiences. Topics include engagement in balanced conversations using role playing, recognizing personal strengths, socializing and hanging out with peers, developing an appreciation for fashion, food, music, art and literature. With the incorporation of music, movement, singing, dancing, acting, drumming circle and improvisation, this program will help your child develop emotionally, cognitively, linguistically, socially and musically.


Our team

Natalie Rungan holds a Master’s Degree in Jazz Performance, Composition and Arranging. She taught jazz vocals at the University of Kwazulu Natal for seven years before leaving to pursue her recording career. Her music has seen her travel all around the world including Boston, Germany, Sweden, Australia and Scotland. The dynamic singer songwriter now has three albums under her belt, the latest of which was written, arranged and produced by Natalie.

At the core of who Natalie Rungan is, lies a heart that wishes to develop and grow young people in South African communities. Natalie is an unsigned/ independent artist in South Africa who strives to promote a high standard of professionalism wherever she performs making her an exemplary role model and ambassador of South Africa. She believes that programmes like M.O.B.I, will be one of the ways to bring back hope into communities by building dreams that have previously seemed impossible.

Bruce Baker began his career in the South African music industry in 1996 with the goal of becoming an accomplished session drummer. His first step was joining the band ‘Landscape Prayers’, who were nationally touring and promoting their debut album under the Sheersound label called “Landscape


Prayers”. This was to be the start of an amazing journey, with Bruce having the privilege of touring both nationally and internationally with the band. He has subsequently recorded many albums and has worked with artists across a wide range of styles, including jazz, fusion, blues, rock and pop, folk, gospel and Broadway musicals. Running concurrently with his performing he has maintained a teaching schedule, which has grown from just a hand full of students to him now being the primary lecturer teaching jazz drums and rhythm studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.



Petra Rocher started acting at a very young age, where she performed on stage for various audiences, receiving her first award at the age of 10. She obtained her BA degree in live performance in 2001 from AFDA, Johannesburg. The two things she wanted to become since she was a little girl, was an actress and a teacher. Petra feels extremely blessed to be able to live out her passion today.  She is very innovative in her thinking and uses the holistic approach to teaching.  She believes that “Personal transformation happens when you learn to be. When you become aware that your lifHella Hella 2 (25)e has purpose and when you open yourself to realize and reach your maximum human potential.”

Miss Rocher is a qualified performer who has acted in numerous adverts including “Smart Car” and “Nando’s”, soap operas like “7de Laan”, “Generations” and “Binnelanders”, television series-“Song vir Katryn” and ”Jozi Street”, a movie called “Sumuru” and numerous music videos. In 2011 she graduated as a qualified teacher at TUKS University, Pretoria. The talented actress is currently working in Durban as a Dramatic arts teacher at Danville Girls High School.




The programme for M.O.B.I has been developed in consultation with Dr. Mariam Seedat-Khan, senior lecturer at the University of Kwazulu-Natal, Department of Sociology.


Our purpose

Is your teenager  having trouble making or keeping friends?

Has your teenager has ever been bullied at school or in social situations?

Does he or she need help expressing emotions appropriately?

Are you or your child worried about them fitting in with their peers?

Does your teenager shy away from social interactions?

We understand that high school can be very challenging academically and socially. Some teenagers need a little help learning social skills to make the transition easier and the high school years less frustrating and even overwhelming.

If you have ever had concerns about any of the above mentioned situations then you need to attend M.O.B.I.


Workshop Dates

  • 11 April 2015
  • 16 May 2015
  • 13 June 2015


Venue: Yossi’s Moroccan Restaurant (127 Helen Joseph Road, Durban, 4001, South Africa)

Time:     3pm-7pm

Cost:       R750 per session (including course material & a meal)


****Please note that we can only enroll 20 children per workshop so booking is essential to avoid disappointment***


For bookings or more information please email: workshop.mobi@gmail.com