NABAK ARTS is a non-profit company that was founded in 2019 by three directors, Natalie Rungan, Bruce Baker, and Uschi Rungan. The three directors shared a common interest and desire to support and develop music education in South Africa. The company was formed to secure funding for various projects relating to the central purpose of the development of music education. The aim of Nabak Arts is to develop music education programmes in and around KZN, specifically focussed on the genres of Jazz and Rock music

In 2018, Natalie identified significant gaps in the areas of Jazz and Rock music education in high schools. Nabak Arts were formed a year later to raise funds to assist with these programmes, ultimately aimed at feeding qualified musicians into the South African music industry. Externally, the backbone of the entire company is focused on developing the community’s awareness of the importance and benefits of music education. All individuals are included and given fair chances and opportunities without prejudice, to participate in the programmes facilitated by the company.

KZN Schools’ Jazz and Rock Music Festival

The first project facilitated by Nabak Arts was the KZN Schools’ Jazz and Rock Music Festival. Acknowledging the rich musical heritage of KwaZulu Natal, and hand-picking music industry professionals who are still based locally, Nabak Arts launched the KZN Schools’ Jazz and Rock music festival in 2020. The festival is one of the projects the company endeavours to produce to ensure the continuation of the sustainability of music industry professionals emerging from KZN.

Part of the vision of the project is to create opportunities for local musicians to be given platforms for both the performance and training of young learners. In addition, projects are aimed at developing platforms for live entertainment in KZN, and growing support for the arts. Local musicians and music educators are solicited to train and develop young musicians through music performance programmes and workshops. For more information email:

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