Love Is…


You're The One

If  ever two people were meant to be

That would be you, that would be me

If ever two hearts were meant to beat as one

You would be the first one

I would be the other one


Baby you know you mean the world to me

Baby you are truly my everything

Baby you are the treasure that I found

Don’t you know you’ve turned my world around


You’re the one

You are the one

You’re the one

I love you and no one else

You’re the one who has won my heart

Never be apart from your love


If ever there was any doubt that true love was real

Baby when I’m next to you

I can’t deny the way I feel

If ever dreams were thought to be fantasy, then you and me are alive in a dream


1. You're The One
Natalie Rungan  

Makes So Little Sense

Moving on could be simple

If I think of things gone wrong

So many broken promises

It’s going on too long


Telling you that I love you

What you mean to me

Closing your heart to love dear

Why couldn’t you believe?


makes so little sense how one

Moment within your arms feels right

Makes so little sense how your look melts my heart

I don’t know where we are but I

Just want to see you smile again

Makes so little sense how you’re both good and bad for me


Searching for understanding

Where did we go wrong

How did love turn to pain

When it started like a song


Looking for resolution

Where do we go from here

Bitterness has no home dear

I love you tenderly


I don’t understand the things you do

and why I go back to you

Baby can’t you see you’re hurting me

Even though your loving sets me free

I won’t play these games…


2. Makes So Little Sense
Natalie Rungan  

Waiting At The River

Summer’s gone

All that remains is the winter of you leaving

Feeling strong deep inside me there’s a yearning just for you

To see your face


Everyday I wait

Just for your return

But until that moment I will lie to me

Just to set me free I will


Make believe, you were still here by my side

Make believe, we never had a fight

You’re still waiting at the river for me…under the tree


My broken spirit wanders aimlessly across this barren land

Of failed romances

Yearning just to hold you in a warm embrace

And forget all the things you said that made us stray from love


And sometimes I wonder

If you’re missing me like I long for you and

I will carry on

With step by step, in great regret I will…


Now I understand our time has passed

The summers ended

And with each passing day

I will try to admit that you’re gone away


3. Waiting At the River
Natalie Rungan  

Love Is

Looking back at where we were

Trying to resurrect love from ashes of despair

Looking back at what went wrong

All the silly games we play

Must we always pretend?


Love is calling my name

Love is making me stay again

My heart is certain that what you say today won’t stay this way


Love, you always pick me up let me down again

Keep saying that you love me just to make me stay

I have to let you go I must move on

I could never be a friend in love


Looking back at years we spent

Staring at each other so much was left unsaid

Looking back I wish you saw

That there was a way for us to live our dreams again


Love is calling my name

Love is healing me again

My heart is certain that there’s no way

That you could stay


4. Love Is
Natalie Rungan  

Still In Love

I have cried so many tears of shame

Cannot face this pain my heart’s a wreck

How could I let you go away

Baby please come back to me again

Oh the love we shared I know was real

All that time my stubborn pride concealed

That all I wanted was for you to stay

Can I make it right, don’t go away


I’m still in love with you

Don’t know what to do

I can’t take the pain

Come back to me again

I’m still in love with you

Don’t know what to do


I have loved alone for many years

Maybe that’s the reason why I feared

That you couldn’t love me back the same

Sorry for the hurtful things I say

What would it take for you to see

That you belong only to me

Can I tell you things I should have said

I will love you till the very end


In love with the way you love me

In love with the way you hold me

Alone with myself I cannot be

I lost my heart when I gave it to you


5. Still In Love
Natalie Rungan  

Groove Song

One look at you and the doubt in my heart goes away

One smile from your face and the peace in my heart’s there to stay


What I’m trying to say is I’m yours if you want me

Anytime’s ok

Even if its today, I’ll be there you just call me

I won’t have it any other way



It’s true (x3)

You bring out the best that’s in me

I know (x3)

I cannot live without you near to me


6. Groove Song
Natalie Rungan  

Missing You

hey la la la la la la….


I love to sing and I love the music

I like sweet melody

I love how weather strings my emotions

But when you gone can’t you see


Tried to move on but

Nothing intrigues me

Nothing replaces your smile

I can’t dance to the beating of the drums cos I’m missing you


hey la la la la lala….


You like tolove me, you like to leave me

You like strange melody

You make me laugh and you make me smile

Bitter sweet memories

What can replace this heart that is aching

Long to return to my dance

I can’t dance to the beating of the drums cos I’m missing you


Missing you is all that I do

Nothing else can make it better

Missing you, I wish that you could bring back

Please bring back my dance again

Oh I wanna dance…please come and bring back my dance again

Cos I’m missing you


7. Missing You
Natalie Rungan  

My Little Secret

A warm summers night

Nervously I sat, waiting for the answers about our future

You walked in the room and as you looked at me

Something deep inside me said


And if I keep you hidden long enough

Will they leave me alone to

Discover who you are and if i

Keep you locked up in a room

Will they eventually see

That my little secret is you?


I look at you boy

So much I could say

How did you come my way?

This feels like a dream.

Love has come to me

Was it something I said?


You mean so much to me right now

I waited so long for someone like you

To come into my life

I don’t want to rush with this

But my heart feels alive for the very first time


8. Secret
Natalie Rungan  

Beautiful Song

What a beautiful song, playing in my head every time you’re around me

Can’t escape the charm of melody that entices me

All the love you gave changed my life and made me smile again

Now I can’t forget the day I first saw you and the music played

That’s why I love you so


My heart is dancing, the birds are singing

Everything around me is dancing cos you’re here

My heart is dancing, there’s music playing

Life’s a beautiful song

When you’re with me


Before you came along

I thought that I was destined to live in silence

Cos life without a song is a life not worth living

A life that is lost


All my life’s a song now that you are here


9. Beautiful Song
Natalie Rungan  

Angel Song

You said that you love me, how can you love me

When I see no good inside me?

You said I could come to you, how can I come to you,

Jesus you know what I’m hiding


Cos everytime I cry, you know why these tears are rolling down

And soon I realize, you’re just holding me in your arms


So now I join with all the angels as we sing

Glory hallelujah to my only king

We cry holy holy holy

Holy holy holy

Holy holy holy

Are you king


All my pain you took on you

So that I’d be brand new

Burden lifted yokes were broken

Trying to put my past behind

You said I could with you

All my sin would not be spoken


And then you even said that I could call you

Father and stay right here by your side

A child is what you named me when I saw you

A chosen one you said of royalty

So boldly now I come into your throne room

To sit and worship you alone

Cos there’s no greater love I’ve found

Than the one I found in you alone


So now I join with all the angels as we sing

Glory hallelujah to my only king

We cry holy holy holy

Holy holy holy

Holy holy holy

Are you king


10. Angel Song
Natalie Rungan  


11. Send Me Your Love
Natalie Rungan  


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