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I have to admit that apart from Google that happens to be my go to for everything, cut and paste has to be my favorite tool. It’s just made writing so much easier. But I wonder whether this tool has made us all a little bit lazy to think. Not so long ago everything took a long time to do. Music had to be bought from a music store. One had to save for a considerable amount of time to buy an imported album. And there was a thrill of listening to that album over and over again until every song was known to the finest detail. But there was something special about that. It was valued and because there was a price other than money to be paid for something you really wanted, it became a prize possession. Now it’s just the click of a button. Kinda like a microwave. Everything is so much more accessible and oftentimes I wonder whether that’s a good thing or if it’s made us take more for granted.

Yes I appreciate that I don’t have to work as hard to gather information or to get that information out. That the world has just become more available and accessible on a level that was unimaginable. Yet with all that we have around us at our fingertips, I wonder whether we acknowledge how much we truly have. There’s somehow a desire to want more of more. It’s like women and shoes. No matter how many pairs of shoes we buy there always seems to be that ONE pair that HAS to ours. And I’m guilty of that on occasion so no I’m not judging in any way. Just reflecting…

So I’ve been listening intently to the music that makes it to the airways over the past year or so and I’ve been trying to understand the trends. So much of what becomes a hit have hooks, melodies, chord sequences of songs that were hits from about 30 years ago. The question I have been asking myself is do people just cut and paste these from something that they might have heard as a child or songs that became hits not too long ago? So much of it sounds the same.

I mean songs used to be songs. Stories about the writer’s life experiences which resonated with us in so many ways. Not just a bunch of lyrics strung together, meant to fit into a loop or even dance sequence worked out to be the sell point of that song. Yes I’m fully aware of marketing strategies and the need to get product out to the masses but are we sacrificing something in the process of doing this? Does original thought simply not exist anymore or have we become afraid to put those thoughts out there? Have we become so inundated by so much of so much that our minds don’t have the space to think of new ideas? That there is a need perhaps to produce at such an accelerated pace that we don’t value ideas from artists who are truly artists and not just a cut and paste, carbon copy of something else we might have heard and liked. I’m just saying…

In Seth Godin’s book “the Purple Cow” he presents the idea that it’s not what’s popular to the masses that stands out. That after seeing so much of the same thing, the one that

is different is the one that stands out and attracts the most attention. I just wonder if that still holds true today? That’s because life has become so much of so much that the time to reflect on something is so scarce. That when the “difference” presents itself that it is somewhat overwhelming just because it causes us to stop. To think. To ponder. To reflect.

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